Traffic Managment

iSmartFrame’s CDN brings high quality assets closer to end-users independently from the access location, reducing latency and improving the UX.

The architecture is designed to drive traffic through our servers, balanced by our custom DNS, with a 100% SLA

These traffic management features in a CDN collectively help optimize content delivery, improve response times, and ensure a consistent and reliable user experience. By intelligently balancing and routing traffic, prioritizing critical content, and implementing failover and redundancy measures, CDNs can efficiently manage network resources and handle high volumes of traffic, even in dynamic and challenging network conditions.

Load Balancing

Distribute incoming user requests across multiple servers or edge nodes to ensure efficient utilization of resources and minimize response times. Load balancing algorithms consider factors such as server capacity, geographic proximity, and network conditions to intelligently route traffic and evenly distribute the workload, preventing any single server from becoming overwhelmed.

Intelligent Routing

iSF employs intelligent routing mechanisms to determine the optimal path for content delivery. These mechanisms consider factors such as network congestion, latency, and the location of the user requesting the content. By analyzing real-time network conditions, iSF can dynamically route traffic through the most efficient network paths, reducing latency and improving content delivery performance.

Traffic Shaping and Prioritization

iSF enable traffic shaping and prioritization techniques to manage network resources effectively. Traffic shaping helps ensure a consistent and reliable user experience, especially during peak traffic periods.

Failover and Redundancy

iSF implements failover and redundancy mechanisms to ensure high availability and reliability of content delivery. If a server or edge node becomes unavailable or experiences issues, traffic management features enable the CDN to automatically redirect requests to alternative servers or nodes.

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