How iSmartFrame works

iSmartFrame passes the request to the CMS, when the CMS submits the page the platform performs on-the-fly optimizations, improving site performance without any intervention on the CMS

iSmartFrame is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform

There is no need to install any hardware or software or edit the code.
It’s easy to use, a tunrkey solution that can be used in just a few clicks.
iSmartFrame works as a cloud-based proxy that regardless of the CMS used performs on-the-fly optimizations on HTML pages without changing a string of code on the CMS

Compatible with all CMSs and custom solutions

Distribution designed to maximize performance

 iSmartFrame optimizes your website’s content, while the CDN optimizes the distribution of your content. The combination of the cloud proxy, the CDN and the neural network applied to your website, allow you to achieve maximum performance, whatever your audience.

Created to be able to integrate with Akamai, Clouflare and other major CDNs

Naturally, you can maintain your own CDN; the iSmartFrame team will identify the most appropriate configuration depending on the delivery architecture in place

Want to find out the impact iSmartFrame can have on your site?

Some of iSmartFrame’s Optimizations

Optimization of the distribution chain

Redefinition of logics and sequences of the site supply chain with continuous optimization through our A.I. learning

Code optimization

Minification and code compression JS and CSS

Image optimization

Cutting & resizing of images for any device without loss of quality and automatic transformation of images to WEBP

HTML code optimization

Dynamic management of cached HTML using artificial intelligence

Make your website a success story

Exceeding speed, improved performance, maximum pagespeed

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