The innovative Delivery Chain that prioritized the website’s assets based on AI and native HTTP 103 Early Hints

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Automatic Google

Core Web Vitals Optimization

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Native HTTP 103

Early Hints Response

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Delivery Chain

AI Driven

Loop AI Engine

iSmarFrame by its proprietary technology named LOOP (Loading Optimizer), automatically optimize Google Core Web Vitals.

Native HTTP 103 Early Hints

HTTP 103 is natively implemented on iSMartFrame, and allows browsers to start a pre-load phase before the response HTTP 200 was.

CDN and WAF Integration

iSmartFrame can easily adapt to the any website delivery infrastructure, even in presence of a CDN or a WAF.

Instant Purge Cache

iSmartframe allows you to instantly purge CDN of instances via API, Urls, Tags or the instance global content.

User Agent Categorization

iSF automatically segments its optimizations based on the device creating different versions of the same page in cache.

Dynamic Caching

All cached pages and resources can be served dynamically based on query parameters.

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