iSmartFrame PRO

A 2nd generation CDN: reduce server calls with iSmartFrame Next level CDN AI-driven Caching System

The best tool to improve UX and save on server calls by caching HTML.

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Up to 87%

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The best cache

Management System

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Uptime SLA

AI-Driven caching

iSF PRO uses AI to cache pages and assets for optimal website performance.

Traffic management

Optimize traffic management via load balancing and smart routing based on network and device.

Images optimization

AI-based image resizing, compression, format conversion, caching, and lazy loading.

Critical CSS

iSmartFrame automatically identifies and generates critical CSS for each webpage to reduce page loading time.

Network & Data Security

iSmartFrame meets ISO 27001 standards and uses SSL encryption, DDoS level1 protection.

Web performances

Improve performances and UX through AI caching, html and related assets optimization.

Boost your UX, Boost your business!