Network with 9 main Data Center and more than 40 edge locations

iSF Network offers a proprietary global CDN transfering data across the world and from POPs to the end-user.

iSF is a high-performance SaaS platform distributing large data streams at maximum speed. With 9 main datacenters, being always phisically close to the end-users, it guarantees faster and safer answers delivery with a 100% SLA.

iSmartFrame global network map illustration

Load Balancing

With proprietary DNS, loads are distributed thorwards our data centers to ensure minimum latency time e maximum performance.

Caching Servers

The CDN is iSF’s groundstone: throught the caching system and complex AI algorithms, we manipulate data and contents for in-cache optimizations, without ever affecting the assets stored in the Origin Server.

Security protection

Working as a reverse proxy, iSmartFrame offers anti DDoS level1 protection and strenghtens every connection.

Customization of node distribution

Based on the customer’s specific needs, it is possible to activate new nodes in target areas, thus ensuring the distribution of content in the areas of its users.

our data center


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