User Agent Categorization

iSF automatically segments its optimizations – and therefore its cache – by incorporating categorization based on the device used (desktop, mobile, etc.) in the cache key.

Automatically segmented optimizations based on the device.

For each user browsing a site, iSmartFrame creates a cache optimised for the device being used.

Resize Images

Based on User agent Categorization, a source image will be resized to the specified height and width of a device. This action allows multiple different sized variants to be created for each specific device use.

Compress Images

A source image will have its file size reduced by applying lossy compression. This should be used when slight quality reduction is an acceptable trade for file size reduction.

Convert to WebP

When the users browser supports it, the source image will be converted to WebP. Delivering a WebP image takes advantage of the lowest rendering time image format.

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