Instant Purge Cache

iSmartframe allows you to purge CDN of instances by API, Urls, Tags or instance global content. The cache purge request is always an instant purge.

The cache purge is always an instant purge.

The content department has total control over the timing of website updates.

From Chrome

To clear the cache of page assets (images, javascript and css files, fonts, ecc) you can use iSF Debug Tool Chrome extension:

From URL

You can clear the cache for a specific asset (images, CSS/JS files, fonts, etc), of the website using a GET parameter linked to your instance.


You can purge the cache by API endpoints that permit to clear the cache on specific:

  • list of URLs
  • list of TAGS
  • all the website

From Dashboard

You can purge your instance cache thorught your Dashboard Account, for demo and live enviroments.

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