Webmaster Affiliate program: earn real cash for promoting iSF Engine

  • CPA: €50 for each new subscription
  • Earn 10% from your subaffiliates’ sales (Two-Tier)

Some reasons why you should join our program now

iSF Engine is a brand new, unique, service

Targeted to Webmasters, SEO Specialists and Web Agencies, iSF Engine automatically, in a matter of minutes, boosts a website’s Core Web Vitals.
There ain’t (literally) no similar services in the world.

Performance-based custom bonuses

Our program provides special bonuses (real, additional cash) to the most performing affiliates: you will be more than just a ‘number’, you’ll become an actual, rewarded, iSF Engine’s business partner.

Starting commission plan: € 50,00 CPA

As soon as your application is approved you can start earning € 50,00 for each new iSF Engine customer you bring either through your affiliate links or your ID codes. This commission plan can be upgraded based upon your performances!

Earn 10% from your sub-affiliates sales

You can increase your earnings by referring new affiliates and getting passive income. ISF Engine affiliation program supports Two-Tier affiliation: build your network and get 10% of your sub-affiliate sales.

Who can become an affiliate?


Webmasters and websites’ owners (especially if they operate in SEO/SEM contents’ niche). Review sites are welcome as well. We evaluate every application.


They can be bloggers, influencers, social media experts, whoever have webmasters as their main audience. If you do not have a website we can arrange special codes for you.


Small, medium and large marketing agencies that operate either online or offline can promote iSF Engine to their clients’ portolio.

Still have doubts? Feel free to write us two lines, our Affiliation Managers are available for any kind of question at: affiliates@ismartframe.com

Why join us, in short

N  iSF Engine affiliation program is brand new
N  iSF Engine, the service, is unique worldwide
N  50 € CPA + 10% from your sub-affiliates’ sales
N  You can promote iSF Engine worldwide
N  Rich bonuses based upon sales performances