The Cloud Platform

to boost Customer Experience and E-commerce sales

  • Optimize delivery chain through AI
  • Native 103 early hints implementation
  • Maximizes server offload through AI-driven HTML caching
iSmartFrame global network map illustration

Global network with 9 data center

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~ 27 ms

average TTFB on HTML

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800 Mio

daily request peak

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average cache hit ratio included HTML

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Sla with uptime

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Bring websites performance to a next level

Assets optimization
iSF improves the assets manipulating images, codes, and texts, caching them using an AI-driven algorithms.

Maximise website performances
With iSmartFrame your website can benefit from remarkable performances improvement measurable with Google Page Speed Insight and Core Web Vitals.

103 ‘Early Hintsat its best!
iSF redefines the logics and sequences of website’s distribution chain. It uses 103 status code for critical assets preloading.

connection cables
boy on computer with code on screen
boy on computer with code on screen
iSF is Certified ISO 27001, the highest standard for information security management and an anti DDos Level1 protection.

With a 100% SLA guarantee and proprietary DNS, load balancing can be managed on every Data Center

iSmartFrame is fully compliant with GDPR requirements for data manipulation.

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  • Customized service
    Our team is available to provide the service needed to suit customers needs and meet specific goals.
  • Global proprietary CDN
    Deliver cache purge and settings immediately.
  • Free trial and assistance
    We’ll walk you towards a new top-quality website.
  • Custom setup process
    The best integration in your delivery architecture.
  • Smart Caching system
    Set the cache up for your needs.
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  • Adjustable Pricing
    To maximise customer satisfaction, we will formulate an offer according with the client.
  • Custom pricing
    Define a plan to get the best UX desired.
  • No hidden costs
    The contract is defined along with the customer
  • Flexible and competitive
    iSF generates savings up to 87% on Server Calls
  • Unique pricing
    for CDN and performance improvement..
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  • 24/7 technical support
    In case of an issue, you’ll be able to contact our technical support team any day, any time.
  • Ticketing system
    Practical tool to quickly submit a request for assistence.
  • Direct support
    Technical and network teams are at your disposal.

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