Web Performances

iSmartFrame PRO was born to improve websites’s performaces: no installation is required, and from the very first moment the benefits will start increasing you Google PSI score.

iSF PRO improves the performances of a website using various techniques such as AI-driven caching, image optimization, critical CSS generation, and efficient traffic management. These optimizations can reduce server calls, load times, and ultimately improve user experience (UX).

By optimizing website content delivery, caching resources, and automating performance improvements with AI technology like LOOP(Loading Optimiser), iSF can help reduce page load times and improve overall website speed.

This improves the UX, as visitors are more likely to stay on a site that offers an enjoyable navigation this will result in rising conversion percentage.

Additionally, faster loading time can improve a site’s rankings in search results.

Automatic Critical CSS Generation

The Platform automatically generates critical CSS for each webpage by analyzing the webpage’s structure and stylesheets. Critical CSS represents the minimal set of CSS required to render the above-the-fold content, which is the content initially visible to the user without scrolling. By extracting and delivering critical CSS separately, iSmartFrame ensures that the essential styling information is loaded quickly, leading to faster rendering and improved perceived performance.

Inline Critical CSS Delivery

iSmartFrame seamlessly integrates the critical CSS directly into the webpage’s HTML markup. By inlining the critical CSS, iSmartFrame eliminates the need for additional round-trips to fetch external CSS files. This approach minimizes render-blocking resources, allowing the browser to start rendering the webpage faster. The critical CSS is strategically placed within the HTML to optimize rendering efficiency while maintaining separation between critical and non-critical styles.

Efficient CSS Delivery

Optimize the delivery of non-critical CSS by asynchronously loading and applying it after the initial page rendering. This technique, often referred to as deferred CSS loading, enables the browser to prioritize the rendering of the visible content first, providing a faster and smoother user experience. By deferring the loading of non-critical CSS, iSmartFrame reduces the initial payload and ensures that the user sees meaningful content as quickly as possible.

Dynamic CSS Adaptation

iSmartFrame dynamically adapts critical CSS based on user interactions or viewport changes. If the user performs actions that trigger changes in the visible content, iSmartFrame can intelligently fetch and apply additional CSS rules to ensure consistent styling. This dynamic adaptation reduces the need for excessive CSS preloading and optimizes the overall performance by delivering only the necessary styles when required.

Boost your UX, Boost your business!