Critical CSS

To improve website performances, iSmartFrame AI engine identifies and extracts the most relevant informations from Cascade Style Sheets generating the Critical file for each webpage.

It inserts the Critical directly inside the HTML, allowing the browser to know in advance how to arrange the elements in the page, remarkably boosting the rendering process.

These files are then cached and substituted only when the cache is purged or to update the page to keep on working efficiently.

HTML Analisys

The LOOP analizes the HTML page to select the main LCP image/s to serve it/them to the client browser.

Viewport Size

The A.I. engine defines the images above the fold related to the device viewport dimensions.

JS&CSS Critical

The optimization engine create Critical JS and CSS to minimize the Google CLS and FID metrics values and optimize UX.


The LOOP define mandatory fonts to load minimizing the CLS value.

Boost your UX, Boost your business!