Native HTTP 103 Early Hints

Early Hints is a feature that allows browsers to start a pre-load phase of some assets called in the HTML page, such as CSS, JS, Font or Image dependencies.

Early Hints allows browsers to override the server thinking time

iSmartFrame send these hints to a browser before the full response is prepared, so the browser can figure out what is needed to load the webpage faster for the end user.

The “Early Hints” and the A.I. models of iSmartFrame solution, push a CDN network to a disruptive next level of Google performance metrics and improve the website User Experience.

Early Hints on the edge

iSF can serve hints very quickly, taking advantage of even the smallest of the server thinking blocks, serving useful information the client can use to jump start loading assets.

Browser support

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox have announced their intention to support Early Hints…and here we are.

Ai-driven waterfall response

By analyzing historical request/response cycles, iSF can infer what assets being preloaded would help browsers loading a webpage quicker.

Link header compliant

The Response waterfall uses machine learning to generate Early Hints even when there isn’t a Link header present in the response.

Assets by Early Hints

iSmartFrame can response with HTTP 103 status code these assets:
LCP, Above the Fold, Critical Fonts, Critical JS, Critical Stylesheet

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