The Engine that activates like a CDN and solves Google Core Web Vitals in minutes

ISF Engine automatically solves Google Core Web Vitals, turning them from a problem into an opportunity. Not a plugin but a reverse proxy with an optimisation engine.

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Turn Google Core Web Vitals into an opportunity to improve performance and ranking

ISF Engine is the tool used by SEO professionals to improve technical factorsaffecting Google Core Web Vitals. It adds to all the features of iSF CDN automatic optimisations that take the Core Web Vitals score to the highest level, with an immediate impact on user experience and search engine rankings.

Based on ISF CDN, the high-performance CDN with proprietary nodes

Optimisation of factors determining Google Core Web Vitals

Automatic and continuous optimisation without the need for constant intervention

Key features

Improve Core Web Vitals scores

iSF Engine analyses each page in detail using an AI-based algorithm; it identifies the critical points of the site and automatically performs all the optimisations necessary to improve the Core Web Vitals score:

LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): the time it takes to load the most significant element of the page

FID (First input delay): the time it takes to interact with the page

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): the visual stability of the page during loading

Responsive image

ISF Engine’s image processing system automatically resizes images, adapting them perfectly to their context. At each request from the client, the system will respond with images of the perfect size for the device, saving considerable download time.

Concatenation of JS and CSS

CSS and JS resources are concatenated, thus significantly reducing the number of requests to the server. The client-side loading speed is also significantly increased, drastically reducing the page download time for the benefit of the user experience.

Other features

Automatic Lazyloading

The system manipulates site HTML to enable LazyLoading policies on all images.

Lazyloading Automatic for Background

The system manipulates site HTML to enable LazyLoading on all backgrounds on the site.

Lazyloading Low Quality Image Processing (LQIP)

For ‘Above the fold’ images, LQIP technology is applied for lazyloading

Auto-Resize images for device

The system automatically resizes images to provide smaller formats on mobile and tablet devices.

Purge Folder

Purge Cache via folder

Purge operations and monitoring based on Chrome plug-in

Chrome extension that allows quick Debug, Inspect and other operations on sites passing through iSF

Increase your Core Web Vitals score now and improve your page rankings!

What are Core Web Vitals?

Page Loading



Largest Contentful Paint

Largest Contentful Paint parameters
Page Interactivity



First Input Delay

First Input Delay parameters
Page Stability

Visual Stability


Cumulative Layout Shift

Cumulative Layout Shift parameters

Core Web Vitals are the new standard parameters, which Google introduced in June 2021. They measure and reward the quality of a user’s experience on a website in terms of speed, interaction and layout.

Why are they so important and how do they affect us?

Optimising Core Web Vitals improves SEO positioning and website performance and, consequently, business results, as proven by major research. 

Their impact is immediately evident in a better:

  • User experience
  • Organic positioning in Google search

With positive and tangible effects on:

Convertion rate

Marketing & advertising campaign success

Bounce rate

iSF Engine, the engine for the automatic improvement of Google Core Web Vitals 

Engine transforms the problem of Google Core Web Vitals into an opportunity to gain higher ranking positions than competitors.
Increase your Core Web Vitals score and improve your rankings!