The CDN for delivering optimized content at maximum speed for all devices

The high-performance CDN specialized in image optimization for all devices. A global network of proprietary nodes with ad hoc customized configurations. Speed can be within everyone’s reach.

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Much more than a CDN

Not only is iSF CDN a high performance content distribution network with proprietary nodes distributed around the world; it is also a system capable of optimizing images and other resources (JS, CSS) on the fly. With iSF CDN every device receives perfectly resized images, for navigating at maximum speed.

Network of proprietary nodes with ad hoc customized configurations

Image optimization for maximum loading speed

Global network with the possibility of creating proximity nodes on request

Main features

Image Compression

Ability to define a common compression level for PNG and JPEG images. This configuration can also be set for specific url or folders, so as to obtain the best relationship between image quality and size.

Auto-resize image device

The system automatically resizes images to provide smaller formats on mobile devices and tablets. Mobile devices will thus receive images in the optimal format, sving on bandwidth savings and markedly improving in loading speed.

Conversion images in WebP or Progressive mode

The system automatically converts the images into the WebP format, making the most performing image format available to clients that support it. Conversion to Progressive JPEG format can also be activated.

Aritmetika map distribution nodes

Other features

Dedicated SSL

Gives you the opportunity to generate a dedicated SSL certificate for the site and not shared with other instances of iSF. Generation occurs automatically.


Implementation of the “HTTP Strict Transport Security” security policy

Health and monitoring Origin

It is a system that measures the health status of the Origin server in order to determine its status and activate any failover policies

Anti DDoS Level1

It is the perimeter DDoS system to the platform. Protects all customers from massive DDOS attacks and traffic.

Auto-Resize image querystring

It is possible for the developer to define, parameters to the images to automatically resize the resource without having to generate versions with different resolutions on the Source server

JS and CSS Minification

Minification of Javascript and CSS type resources

Purge URL

Purges the kCache via a specific URL

iSF CDN, the CDN that optimizes images for every device iSF

CDN is as powerful as it is easy to implement. iSF CDN is installed in plug n’play mode, without the need for difficult integration. iSF CDN works on any type of CMS.
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